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Discover our online store, our unicorn pool floats specially designed for swimming in the pool or the sea. Present in many forms, the unicorn float is used to aid you with buoyancy. Whether inflatable rings, armbands, or a giant unicorn float, here we have the best selections. Inflate them with a valve, and watch them float on the water of your pool because they are less dense than water due to their air composition, which is surrounded by a thin and magical synthetic layer that makes up the big inflatable unicorn float.

unicorn pool float rainbow wings

What is a unicorn pool float ?

Looking for the ultimate accessory to spend a sunny season in your pool ? If you don’t want to swim in the water, then relax on the unicorn pool float. That’s all you need to relax this summer on the water. A wide variety of mythical one-horned creature styles to suit all your needs are available in our online store. More substantial and even more comfortable than an ordinary buoy, the unicorn pool float will allow you to relax and unwind sitting or lying on the water. Inflated in an inflatable, flexible, and weather-resistant material, the buoy is supported on both sides by two float arms. We also offer other styles, such as symbol of grace buoys carrying a drink with a built-in drink holder. Our unicorn pool floats provide excellent support and sometimes a transparent plastic part to allow you to observe the water through the material. Sit vertically and push the buoy with your legs to easily navigate on the water. There are other names and shapes associated with the unicorn buoy, such as the swim ring called water doughnut, rubber ring, inner tube, lifeguard, or more frequently called swim tube. This type of horned animal float is in a toroid-shaped inflatable water toy For children and adults. There is also the small unicorn pool float so that our children and baby can also have fun on the water. Be careful not to confuse our fabled horse with a pegasus float which is just as beautiful and cheap.

giant unicorn float 5

The giant unicorn float for 5 to 6 adults !

The giant unicorn float is most certainly the ultimate accessory for a lake, a river, or to navigate on the sea. Real giant inflatable toy, you can ride on it from 5 to 6 adults. This giant unicorn-shaped float is a real eye-catcher and will bring a lot of happiness on the water. Go to the next level and organize a party where a beer will flow on your giant mythical horned creature float ! You can very well load up to 15 people if you are not too heavy without having to break the unicorn float. Be careful, if you inflate this giant buoy in your pool, there is no risk that there will be no room left for a swim. This inflatable one-horned animal has a remarkable capacity of 1,320 pounds and has a 6-cup capacity cup holder in the back. There’s also a built-in space in the back for more relaxed and other drinks. The giant unicorn float has 20 cup holders, giving a capacity of approximately 3 cups available per person, per seat. The giant unicorn lake float has a large spiral horn in the middle of its forehead that is 5 to 10 feet high. It has two large giant wings on both sides of splendid magic color in rainbow and a long massive tail, colored of a rainbow unicorn. The inside the unicorn float seats are also rainbow-colored while leaving a maximum of space in the center to allow you to extend your legs and relax while floating on the water. Ideal for a sea trip with the family.

Adult big unicorn float

The big unicorn float to be the princess of your pool !

By its design, the big unicorn float is very appreciated by girls, its rainbow mane and tail. This oversized white horse-like animal shaped pool float will delight all women and little girl for an unforgettable bath under the summer sun. Its beautiful gold colored spiral horn in the middle of the forehead represents the beast with one horn soul’s purity. The big unicorn float is composed of a soft vinyl outside and two plastic handles at the neck to hold you. You can inflate it with a large valve, and if you don’t have one, you can always inflate it with a hairdryer at room temperature. If you want to deflate the big unicorn pool float, just remove the cap, and it will reduce in less than 3 minutes. With an average large size of about 114in * 55in * 47in when fully inflated, you can install it over 2 adults for a total weight of about 400 pounds. Built-in a soft, durable, and thick material, we favor superior quality, phthalate-free. Inflation and deflation are very fast to save you time. It is an original and enchanting gift idea to spend your vacations under the sun. Several colors are available on our online store, white, pink, purple, with emoji, etc… Order your one now !

The Giant Unicorn Float To Be Trendy

The Giant Unicorn Float To Be Trendy

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