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Big Unicorn Floats Huge And Large

Inflatable swimming pool accessories are constantly evolving, getting bigger and bigger. It is very different from small floats. Our big unicorn float is perfect to relax in your pool or go on vacation and enjoy the beach under the sun. Designed to support 2 adults, it can also be adapted to small children. Discover our big unicorn float gold, which is the ideal and most original accessory you can find during your vacations. Made from very high-quality Soft Touch vinyl, you can inflate it very quickly through its valve with a hairdryer or a pump. Real fairy, magical, wild, and ferocious creature, the unicorn with a pure soul has remained engraved in our youngest children’s minds since the dawn of time. Climb on the big unicorn float and fly away to a magical and mythical kingdom. Equipped with two large wings and a handle close to its head, you can also hold on to its large gold spiral horn. You can find it on our online store in several colors, from white, pink, purple, gold, or transparent with sparkly glitter.