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Giant Unicorn Floats 6 Person

Discover the most beautiful inflatable creations that the giant unicorn float designed to navigate on lakes or the sea. Real giant unicorn float device, we have made it available on our online store. It has two large rainbow wings and a long tail of the same rainbow color with a head with a large gold spiral horn in the middle of the forehead. Our huge unicorn float has several seats available to allow 5 to 6 people to sit comfortably on the seats. There are also cup holders available to hold your beer or other drinks, a bottle of water. At the back of this buoy is a small fridge compartment that will allow you to store your favorite drinks in a cool place. Measuring an average of 3 meters high and 3 meters wide, this unicorn pool float is an actual mastodon of water. This large unicorn will not be entirely suitable for all swimming pools since it is mainly intended for the beach or lake. You will take approximately 20 minutes to inflate your giant unicorn float. You can insert a cooler in the back compartment of the unicorn float to store your beers or soda during your fun on the water. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds or six adults, you won’t regret climbing on it to float on blue waters under a summer sun !